25 October 2016

A collaboration between Academy Minerva and the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA). ERIBA granted 6 students access to their research facility and employees to conduct a small research and produce photographic images about either ERIBA itself or the theme ‘ageing’. By working together with researchers from ERIBA there was a valuable connection between scientific and artistic research.

During a tour of the facility I got fascinated about a huge glass wall, separating the public space from the laboratory. It reminded me of the ‘fourth wall’ from the theatre, watching the researchers working in the laboratory felt like watching a film. The sterile environment and uniformity in the way the researchers were dressed resulted in an intense feeling of anonymity. As soon as the researchers put on their lab-coat and entered the laboratory their identity changed for the outside viewer, their personality was left at the door.

These photographs show anonymity versus individuality, and ask questions about identity and the way we perceive people. This series was part of the exhibition “Beelden van Buiten”.