A short photographic document of life in Istanbul just after the attempted coup in July 2016. The series was made in collaboration with The Creators Project for an article about Turkey and the attempted coup.

The Girl with the Pig Tattoo

A story about love, hate & fear. The focus lies on the experiences of a modern Turkish girl, struggling with her country and its people growing ever more conservative. Her story is the one of many young modern Turks. One of loving and hating the country at the same time, fearing its future.


A design for an agenda/daily journal where every page is unique. Taking inspiration from photography and its capability of ‘recording fragments of time’, each page is made from a different piece of discarded photographic film. Discarded pieces of time and light, re-used to serve our desire to record and manage our time again. By printing the cover on a water color paper it continually changes. As time passes it gets scratched, worn and faded.

10 Second Cityscapes

10 Second Cityscapes of the capital of Uganda, Kampala. Whilst zooming through traffic on the back of a boda boda, the main way of transportation in the city, these photographs were taken on 4×5″ direct positive paper, resulting in a series of unique prints.


Two Storks on a Lamppost

by Thomas Aquilina

The motorbike driver manoeuvres through the traffic which is at a standstill, flouting rules by climbing curbs, and squeezing through space where nobody had ever squeezed through. The driver has a mobile phone pressed against his left ear and the inside of his helmet; he is listening to the news via the phone radio. His style of riding can only be described as freestyle. He overtakes vehicles on the inside and outside, all for a couple thousand shillings.

During a boda-boda ride, time is compressed. There is no delay, no signal-warning failure, no regard for stoplights. Even with my house on a hilltop, the ratatat of a motorbike is never far away. I haven’t had to walk any further than the distance I’d run to catch a bus. My sense of time-and-distance is warped. These maverick drivers are spatial geniuses. And their swiftness is a mismatch with the otherwise laboured pace of citylife in Kampala.

30 Second Landscapes

A triptych of landscapes fleeting by. Staring out the window of a train evolved in trying to capture the fleeting landscape that we endlessly gaze upon.

1930 - 2015

A selection of rephotography in the capital of Uganda, Kampala. This was part of one of Andrea Stultiens many projects looking at history and photography in Uganda. Together with Canon Griffin she runs HIPUganda, collecting and publishing photographs, making visual history available to its people.

For this project I rephotographed glass plates that we’re taken around 1930 by missionary, doctor and amateur photographer Dr. A.T. Schofield. By rephotographing his original photographs as exact as possible the (sometimes sublte) changes of a period of 80 years become visible.

Fourth Wall

Photographs of young researchers at ERIBA, Groningen. Working in a laboratory behind a massive glass wall for the rest of the building to observe, it reminds one of the fourth wall in a theatre. When entering the lab a lab coat is mandatory. The coat does not only change their role and demeanor, but equally changes how they are perceived by the onlookers on the other side of the glass wall.

Pop-up Minerva

A series of advertisements for a format called Pop-up Academy Minerva. Pop-up Academy Minerva is a mobile format that aims to educate and show high school students what Art Academy Minerva is all about. It gives the high-schoolers a small view into the possibilities and atmosphere of an art academy. Pop-up Minerva was a combination of photographs, illustrations and videos, all made with the intent to either show the possibilities of, or break stereotypes about an art academy.

Nacht van de Mode

Together with Berends Sebastiaan we captured the 11th edition of “Nacht van de Mode”, an annual street festival in Arnhem. The neighbourhood that is home to the festival is a true meltingpot of people, bars and trendy shops.

B&C Products

A series of video’s showing the new product line of Bece.


A small preview of a film made about the Polish Assembly Center of B&C International.

Dock Four

Photo manipulations for Dock Four, where their products was places in interior photographs.



Born in 1990, feels most at home in a darkroom and collects photobooks. Always open for interesting projects, printswaps or collaborations.


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